Srijanfacility Hospitality Services is committed to maintaining a branded positive public image at all times. This means maximising our efforts to act in a professional and friendly manner whilst being socially responsible. We have earned our reputation as an efficient,innovative and dynamic organization concerned for society.


We approach each property with a total dedication to excellence, which is reflected by each employee on every level. Every potential property is carefully evaluated by Srijanfacility Hospitality through a method developed and tested over years of experience.We partner with architects, engineers, and contractors who share our passion for excellence.

Strategic allies

The group concerns itself deeply with the creation of strategic allies whom will be selected through defined, professional and standardised set of criteria thereby developing an unrivalled consortium to assist us in providing Turn key solutions for project realisation.

Commercial Survival

We are a commercial organisation and therefore profit motivated. Our culture is to optimise profit with the minimum possible investment and we depend on our morals and ethics to cooperate with our strategic allies in investing all legal available resources.


The effective use of our resources is one of our main concerns. We work hard to increase,develop, invest, standardise and employ professionally. Our resources include, but are not limited to:
Our people, Creativity, Technology, Time, Strategic allies, Capital, Financing resources, Our assets, Experiences, Law

Our Targeted Customer Segments

•Retail •Residential (all)
•Commercial buildings
•Oil and gas (downstream)
•Education (Universities, Collages primary and pre-primary)
•Medical (clinics and other small operations)
•Sports and recreation