About Us

Who we are

At Srijanfacility Hospitality, we have become one of the nation’s leading lodging companies by following a fairly simple philosophy offer a product of outstanding quality with equally outstanding values. The simplicity of that principle is backed up by a lot of hard work and years of experience. Srijanfacility Hospitality provides many services for it clients such as hotel management, hotel development, hotel brokerage and various other services for hotels and other business.Currently, properties under proposal.


We approach each property with a total dedication to excellence, which is reflected by each employee on every level. Every potential property is carefully evaluated by Srijanfacility Hospitality through a method developed and tested over years of experience.We partner with architects, engineers, and contractors who share our passion for excellence.


To achieve peak efficiency, we support all our properties and general managers through a central office that provides routine management services including auditing, payroll,invoicing, taxes, insurance, budgets, legal services and training for each property. In short,our management formula means "at Srijanfacility Hospitality, success checks in for an extended stay."


In addition to each property’s individual sales & marketing efforts, we maintain a corporate marketing department that coordinates regional and national marketing opportunities that benefit each hotel individually and collectively. Our in-house advertising agency produces and places the properties advertising and printed collateral, ensuring continuity among the different media and increasing purchasing power for media buys. They are also responsible for our web design and public communications.


We understand that the employees are the hotels front-line ambassadors. And we treat them with the same high level of consideration that we treat customers with. Because in a sense,employees are as valuable as the guests.  We provide comprehensive, ongoing training to assure their job and guest-related skills remain at the highest levels. Employees are evaluated regularly for their performance and rewarded for their outstanding service with incentives to keep our guest-relations program at the top of the industry.


In our years of management experience, we have learned that customer satisfaction can be summed up in three words–details, details, details. We have achieved superior levels of customer satisfaction by paying attention to the finest details in everything we do. That’s how we have developed exceptional levels of repeat business. We know what is important to both business and pleasure travellers, and we deliver it. From the amenities and warm, homey interiors, to the meticulous maintenance program, each hotel goes the extra mile to make a stay at one of our managed properties a memorable experience.

At Srijanfacility Hospitality, we accept nothing less than “Complete Customer Satisfaction…First Time, Every Time!”


1. To purchase acquire land for establishment of hotels, holidays, resorts, villas, lodgings,stalls, garages, summerhouses,chateaus,castles,inns, hostels, road houses, motels, taverns,rest houses, guest houses, caterings.
2.  To sell, serve  to distribute to manage  market the manufacture of selling, serving distribution of comestible, eatables. Victuals, meat, bread, bread stuffs  all types of food stuffs  human consumables.
3.  To sell serve  to distribute  to manage  market, selling, serving  distributing of soft drinks, aerated waters, beverages, both natural  artificial fresh  canned vegetables  meats, fresh  canned fruits  to manufacture, grow, produce, develop, process ( including canning, cold storage, deep freezing de-hydration, baking, drying, bottling  packing ) of all types of vegetables, fruits, meat, fish, spices  condiments.
4.To carry on the business of travel agents, hirers of motor  other vehicles, caterers for public amusements, hair dressers, perfumes, chemists, proprietors of clubs, bath, dressing rooms, laundries, reading rooms, writing rooms, newspaper  smoking room, libraries,places of amusements, recreation, sports, entertainment  instruction of all kinds,departmental stores, agents for railway, shipping and airplane companies and carriers,theatrical and opera box office, proprietors, insurance agents.